Legacy Tint in Calgary, AB is the most renown tinting company you will find. We really stand by our name and give our customers what they deserve! You deserve a well-delivered process and guaranteed results. You pay once you are happy with what we present you.Hey, people, have you bought a new vehicle and think tint would add a good element to it? You might need some protection from some of the mishaps on the road. Our excellent 3M services can provide you with the relief that you need from that. Maybe your considering to protect your interior from sun damage?
It may be that you’re just straight sick of people staring into your personal space on the road?
We get all of that and more! You have the one stop shop for multiple tinting services at your disposal. We not only tint vehicles, but you can also request us to tint your home or your business space as well. Yeap, basically any window you need us to deliver tinting products on, WE CAN DO!

Highly Experienced Staff

You can expect the highest quality work from our staff. We only use the best tinting manufacturers as well, so you will not receive any peeling or fading sometime down the road. These are some issues you face on those “do it in your garage” technicians who offer tinting services. Some professional shops as well will cut corners to maximize profits, but then have angry clients coming back wanting the job redone or a full refund. We must say we have to laugh at these poor business practices among our peers in the industry. To further improve your trust in us, we have a lifetime guarantee on all the jobs we perform for you. To elaborate more, this means that we will fix any job free of charge that wasn’t done up to our standards or your standards. That enough should give you confidence that we won’t falter in any way. With years of experience backing our cause, we can say to this date that we have seen loads of mistakes and struggles that have made us a powerhouse organization. Take a deeper look into our company and keep reading to find exactly what pertains to you. You can also go to the services tab at the top right corner to direct you more specifically to what you are looking for.


If you are wondering what we can even do for you, then take a look at some of the work we offer!

  • Window Tinting
  • Window Tint Removal
  • 3M Clear Bra/ 3M Entire Vehicle
  • Residential Window Tinting
  • Commercial Window Tinting
  • And ​Much More!

Legacy Tint plays a significant role in setting the bar in Calgary. Our competitors know how dangerous we are to them when it comes to perfection in our craft. They know that if they pull any half ass jobs or rip customers off, then they will be out of business. So you can thank us for conducting good business practice and not leaving any room for mediocre performances. Whether it’s any of the products or services we offer above or a particular custom job you require from us, you can rely on experienced hands to handle the execution. Only until you see it, you can believe it, so we encourage you to take action and use us today. We promise your time with us will surpass any of your expectations. This is how we gain return customers and greatly appreciated referrals! Thank you for all your business, and it does not go unnoticed.

We can work on any vehicles from 2-4 doors cars, trucks, SUV’s, RV’s, or special projects. That goes the same for properties that need tinting services. You give us the parameters, and we will size up the space and create the results you imagine to receive. Yup, we are the real deal, no if’s, and’s, or buts! Quality over quantity and time perfected over a sloppy rush. You can check what our customers are saying at the bottom of the page or refer to Google reviews. If you are one of those people who is looking for a makeshift solution, we are not for you! We only want clients who appreciate real tint work at affordable prices!


1) We have the best prices in town
2) Quality materials for long lasting results
3) Stand alone customer service
4) 5-star technicians performing our services
5) Lifelong warranty

We stand solidly behind these factors, and you can take us up on any of them if we are not in line with them! Folks we do not play around when it comes to excellence and extraordinary work. Domination in our industry is what we have achieved, so come to the top real talk!​


Tinting Your Ride 

  • In Calgary, the sun can be quite powerful at times, and it is a bother to keep squinting your eyes to see the road. That is why with the proper package for you, we can eliminate glare and get your back that comfort and confidence on the road.
  • In the summer months getting into your car after it has been parked in the hot sun can really suck! Everything is unbearable to touch, and you get that summer sweat before the A/C kicks in. By getting tint services done with Legacy Tint, we can ensure you an excellent solution to this problem.
  • Help prevent leather damage to your seats from UV rays. This may seem silly, but you will quickly notice fading and cracking to leather that has a fair amount of exposure to the sun. Just another positive fact we thought we should share with you.
  • What about the certainty that no one can take a peak into your vehicle and see what valuables you have? Maybe you are sick of the nosey toads in traffic? This is probably the biggest motivator for our staff and me to tint every single vehicle we have. We love our privacy guys, don’t you? Call in today and we will ensure those peeping toms will be deterred.

Residential Tinting

  • The biggest reason you would tint your home is because you need privacy, and it gives it a great aesthetic appeal. When you book us to come to your home, you can choose the percentage of transparency that you want. The darker you have it, the more secluded you will be from the outside world.
  • We have a variety of selections you can choose from. You can pick basic tinting materials that give you and the outside onlookers the same visibility, or you can choose one sided viewing options. This means you will be able to look out bright as day as you will seem invisible to others looking in. A very popular service to our clients who choose the residential tinting at Legacy Tint. We also have reflective options that start to get into the funky side of things, but they are quite cool if we say so ourselves.
  • You would also implement home tint to protect your belongings from UV rays. Hardwood floor, furniture, and other items in your space of comfort can start to develop cracks, fading, and other signs of wear down.
  • Anyway, you want to look at it, you can regulate heating temperatures in your house by blocking the rays of the sun out in the summer time. Which will eliminate the need for fans and cooling systems to be running as much. Looks like that would be a reduced utility bill for you!

Commercial Tinting

You can imagine that commercial tinting would be similar to residential for the same reasons, so we do not need to reiterate the facts. We do need however to point out that your place of business needs to carry itself in a league of its own. You need to be able to keep eyes from looking into your company practices and distracting your workforce. However, they are more than welcome to look out and enjoy some sunshine while they work. Did we mention it gives a slick look of professionalism when clients come to your store front? Well, it does, and we are happy to provide that. Remember it keeps the office equipment and furniture from looking dull and overused. Yup commercial tinting seems like a great bet for you!



By now you should believe in using our tinting services as much as we do. Everyone working at Legacy Tint is using a majority of our superb products to this date! We are proud believers in what we do, so pick up the phone and hit us at  587-805-1008. We have quote forms for you to fill as well, and one of our pleasant representatives will be calling you back in record time. Don’t stall, don’t think about it too much, you deserve to spoil your new vehicle, home or business. Give them the edge and benefits of our tinting service.

Pick up the phone now and make the right choice! We don’t bite and show professionalism on another level. Call  587-805-1008 for a scheduled appointment.

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