Okay so this industry term may seem a little confusing to you, but we are here to clear it up and offer it here at Legacy Tint. 3M is a vinyl clear coat wrap that goes on the bumper, hood, fenders, side mirrors, and doors generally to prevent scratches and marks from occurring on the original paint job. It takes the brunt of anything that could happen from kicked up rocks or debris to ignorant people creating door dings when they park beside you. You are worry free with this elegant service, and it is worth the money spent on it in the long run. You can basically cover your whole vehicle in 3M if you are super paranoid and want to be on the safe side of things. You can not put a dollar sing on a peace of mind. The only area that it does not cover is your windshield, unfortunately, The window industry is a whole other entity of their own and 3M will blur your vision on the road, so it is not allowed.

​The old leather covers we used to use in the 90’s were not popular at all. It looked like people were putting a mask on the vehicle and it took away from the aesthetics. We are in a time where protection meets the visual standards we all have. 3M is a clear plastic that takes on the vehicle it is put onto. So you will not even notice the material as you go on with your day. All your panels and parts that are most susceptible to damage will be safe forever with this excellent addition to your ride. The bras from the “olden days” would actually collect water and trap moisture that would wear down your paint. In turn causing the bra to damage your vehicle instead of protecting it. How ironic is that eh? They wouldn’t even stay in proper position because it wasn’t sealed to the vehicle like the modern day 3M methods do.


  • You will never have to do a paint job in the future with this form of protection. The longevity of your vehicle is the play here. Any salt used in the winters here in Calgary will not have any effect on the wear down of your body. Salt utilized by the city causes early signs of rust and decay of vehicles. You are safe from this.
  • Protect yourself from unnecessary damage from outside conditions. 3M will significantly reduce chances of scratches and dings. If you care about the automobile you drive then, you will appreciate the value this brings.
  • Aesthetics is a big factor you should consider maintaining to keep value in your car. Vehicles are big purchases in our lives so why not make sure we add much-needed insurance to them in any way we can?


​Legacy Tint will take it as an honor if you trust us to deliver on a wild worth expenditure as 3M. We are well trained in providing good results to our clients and having phenomenal results. Give us a try today and fill out one of our quote forms for a free estimate. Call today to get that free estimate over the phone. There is no better time than the present to act! — —-