So here we are talking about Legacy Tint in Detail, our history and how we came to be the best in Calgary at what we do. It’s not easy being number one at anything, so you must know the time, effort, and sacrifice made to achieve this spot. We are the hardest working, back breaking, innovative tinting company Calgary has ever seen. Our competition is outstanding by our 10x activity levels. Everything they do in a week, we finish in a day. We wouldn’t blame them to be intimidated by us.

We were created a decade ago in Calgary, from a garage style business. We must say that we knew we had a knack for the work, so we imagined what we could do with a shop. We’re telling you the garage we were working out of had cars parked down the block for my partner and me to finish. It was crazy because we knew we had to scale quickly to keep the momentum coming and be able to handle the growth. That’s exactly what, we upgraded from shop to shop, and now that’s all she wrote…

​Since we are not a franchise operation, the locals of our fine cities know us personally and always thank us and refer others to the greatness that we have built. When we realized that no one was even in our league, we decided to implement the lifetime warranty to all work done by us. This actually put pressure on the others to follow. So if you see lifetime warranty becoming more common, you can thank us. Though, we don’t know how honest they will be with it… but time will only tell. We know we never have to redo your tint because of the reliable secret process we perform, so we can comfortably implement it. Maybe the old customer or two come back because there was a problem, but that doesn’t hurt us. If you don’t know what you’re really doing and give people this great insurance on the job, then you will be in for some trouble lol. Don’t bite off what you can’t chew!



​We treat you right, your taken covered on all ends. Working with your schedule is what we do best! You will just love the staff, some of the cheeriest folks in Calgary. You will feel like family and we don’t cost an arm and a leg to get your going. You can check reviews at the bottom of the page or on Google of course. Our services go more in depth if you take a closer look at the site. We aim to please and can’t wait to work with you. Fill out a quote form to get on of the representatives to call or you can call if you are ready and excited to spoil your windows! Happy reading and welcome again to Legacy Tint!