​It is a relatively new addition to our services, but we love the enhancement and effects it has made in our homes. Yup, the homeowners here at Legacy Tint have tried out the tinting options for our homes, and we can say personally that it was triumphal we did it. The new breakthroughs with the filming manufacturers have made it a viable option to get your home windows wrapped head to toe in our one-sided transparent films. Yes, you look in, and it’s completely a blackout to on goers, but it is bright and clear viewings for the individuals inside the residence.

Some more advanced blind installer companies, offer an option that lets you choose the density of the tint to allow more light in the room and also to do the opposite. Its objective is to replace the need for blinds and give high-end customers a flashy addition to their homes. We must say it is super cool, but if you require something simple and affordable to give your home great qualities, we deliver that here!


  • Cost Efficient– Using our home tinting services can regulate the amount of heating and cooling that is going in and out of your house. Believe it our not we can save you loads of money over the period of a year with how much cooling you will be using. Our film materials have the abilities to hold in heat and keep out hot depending on the time of the year. In the summer, it’s more of a problem when your have to crank A/C as if you don’t have an off switch. Our tint keeps out the majority of UV rays, which keeps your place turning into an oven.

  • Protection From The Sun– UV rays directed at a particular point over a period will cause issues like fading, warping, and wear down on furniture and flooring! Also, most of us know direct sunlight to our skin can cause skin disease and skin cancer. So stay protected while in the comfort of your dwelling.
  • Privacy– There is nothing more annoying then people looking into your home. Like what is wrong with you? Don’t you have a home of your own or somewhere else you should be? Tint your home to avoid the nuisance of eyes seeing all your valuables. When I see people looking into a home that don’t have a place there, we suspect foul play. The importance of you keeping your home safe could be on the line. Remember no one will be invading your privacy when the boys at Legacy Tint come by and deliver this incredible product.


​Now that you have been educating in the art of home window tint, you can make a decision on how you want to proceed with our impeccable service. It gives your home on that block the edge that the rest don’t have. It will stand out and who knows other may follow your trendy switch from traditional blinds! Be a trendsetter, my friend!

Fill out a free estimate quote form on this page or call us direct to get our installers as soon as possible. You won’t regret this great decision and our representatives are waiting to make this happen!