​Legacy Tint is the top tinting company in Calgary. Windows is the name of the game in our industry. We have built a shop that has only the latest and efficient technologies to size up and press tint onto your vehicles clean and proper. The years of experience we have under our belt has propelled our expertise and has brought our tinting process away from the traditional way of doing things. We use analyzed metrics to assess the exact cut and heating steps to keep that tint job new for long. We have gone through a laundry list of different film materials from various companies to see which would work best with our step by step program. We can finally say that we have narrowed it down to a few brands and distributors who believe entirely in an excellent job as we do! We do not cookie cut any of our tinting procedure because we leave unethical moves like that to the amateurs. We always ask our customers if they appreciate quality work because then we hit the back with “that’s what your gonna get!” Most like our spunk and energy and are excited for what we will deliver them. We promise never to leave you with streak lines, those bubbles that arise from poorly done heating techniques, or peeling at the edges.

Want to know why it’s ideal to get tint?

Privacy– People shade their windows for a variety of reasons, but a perfect one to think about is your privacy. You don’t want people looking into your vehicle or watching you in traffic. What if you sing or pick your nose in traffic? Maybe you leave your car in shady areas of the city unattended for a period. Your car is another sanctuary like your home. You customise it to your liking and maybe valuable belongings are in it like your iPod, wallet, or purse. Burglars want to go for the easy take. If they can not see what you have, they are less likely to pick you to terrorize.

Glare Reduction– Have you ever been driving on a sunny day in the winter and you notice how bad the glare is from the snow? It almost makes you stop because you have no idea what you could hit. Same idea on a hot evening in July when the sun is going down. Sometimes sunglasses just isnt enough, and not everybody is wearing them in the vehicle. Tint your windows to be done of that annoyance and confidence during those times of hard visibility.

Heat Reduction– So if you have ever stepped in your ride and couldn’t take the hot sauna box you entered, you’re not alone! The high-quality film materials cancel out over 90% of UV rays that’s causing this overheating. I bet you never though how one service on your vehicle could have so many properties and justifications. Get tint today and enjoy a cool ride even in that 30+ degree weather. Did we mention you will not be cranking your A/C non-stop anymore too? You will save money on gas, and that will add up at the end of the month. YOUR WELCOME!

Awesome Accessory– Last of all we want to talk about having a slick and angular looking vehicle for the duration of you possessing it. Tint just flat out makes a car stand out and look aesthetically pleasing! Once our clients have got one of their vehicles done with us, they come back to complete all their vehicles! We love to see people coming back because that means we are doing our job.


​Remember in Calgary, you can have all your back windows tinted at whatever percentage you want. The front windows, however, have to be at the lightest percentage possible which is 25-50%  This is so authoritative figures like the police can view culprits or criminals when doing routine checks and you can see 100% out on the roads as well.

Call Legacy Tint today to book for the greatest services your car will ever get ah ah.